David Stark Design and Production is a full service event design, planning and production company that elevates ordinary events to extra extraordinary experiences.

Led by renowned event producer David Stark, our talented designers and managers create the most celebrated events worldwide for a broad range of international clientele in the entertainment, fashion, publishing, arts, media, and consumer product industries.

Stark and team bring over 18 years of creative innovation to custom decor and flowers as well as every other aspect of event production including venue selection, invitations, catering, entertainment and integrated branding.


David Stark

President & Creative Director

David has always had a knack for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Growing up, he was obsessed with making puppets from anything he could find, including gum wrappers, old pieces of tin foil, and cereal boxes.


Allisan Salazar

Associate Graphic Designer

Allisan is allergic to chocolate and finds adult coloring books more therapeutic than a day at the spa.


Alyson Walder

Studio Production Director

A production maven, Alyson has produced over 3,575 potato pancakes for her annual Wine and Latke Party.


Ansley Lester

Studio Production Coordinator


Audrey Pondek

Senior Designer, Floral & Styling

Audrey's love affair with design began as a child speed skater when she designed her own body suit!


Avery Feldman

Project Coordinator


Caitlin Quinn

Studio Production Manager


Cara Pruyn

Associate Project Manager

Always with a flair for the theatrical, as a  young child, Cara used to perform dramatic interpretations of her favorite children’s book “Caps For Sale” for anyone who visited her family’s home.


Camille Watson

Project Coordinator

A huge *NSYNC fan, Camille had look a likes perform at her 10th birthday party. She still hopes to meet the real band members and secretly prays for another album.


Christopher Clark

Executive Assistant to David Stark

Christopher spent his early years attempting to ignore constant Clark Kent/Christopher Reeve/Superman jokes and gibes. In recent years, he has learned to embrace and celebrate his Kryptonian heritage.


Corrie Hogg

Art & Craft Director

An aspiring crafter at age 11, Corrie was making rag dolls and selling them around the neighborhood.


Daniel Kopp

Studio Shop Manager


Daria Semenova



Dawn Reaves

Finance and Administration Manager

Always competitive, Dawn has been voted best audience member at every talk show she’s ever attended. Her record is 12 (and counting).


Eileen O’Leary

Senior Production Manager

No stranger to crafting, as a child Eileen, spent Sunday evenings religiously watching 60 minutes and cutting craft patterns for her mother’s nursery school, Sunshine Meadows, the former of which she continues to this day!


Emily Edelman

Senior Designer

Despite being a lifetime local, Emily really loves learning about and experiencing the New York Transit System – past, present, and future. Honk! Screech.


Emily Schroder

People, Culture and Operations Manager

A lifelong pop culture addict, Emily loves New York's cultural opportunities. Two of her favorites intersected when she found herself riding the subway home from an Erykah Badu concert with Tim Riggins (from Friday Night Lights!).


Felicity Sparrow

Senior Production Manager

A foodie today, Felicity started out as a less than adventurous eater, refusing to try a peanut butter and jelly sandwich until she was a freshman in high school.


Hugo Nakashima-Brown

Studio Production Coordinator


James Hughes

Technical Designer

A lifelong animal lover, James’ first job was at the Audubon Zoo in his hometown of New Orleans.


Jenn Wilson

Senior Project Manager

In college, Jenn's love for event production and theatre culminated with the opportunity to work wardrobe for the Radio City Rockettes. Rhinestones everywhere!


Jessica McCarthy

Director of Creative Services

A poetry lover and closet romantic, Jessica's favorite book is a selection of Lord Byron's love poems she has owned for 20 years.


Kate Kennedy-Lynch

Senior Project Manager

In junior high school, Kate had an illustrious career as a pole vaulter where she earned sixth place out of seven!


Kristen Henriksen

Senior Designer

Kristen first discovered her fascination with geometry and love for design after crafting a Christmas decoration from paper tetrahedrons in her high school math class. Her favorite shape? The triangle, of course!


Lauren Merkin

Chief Operating Officer

A masterful strategist, Lauren spends her free time playing Monopoly with her two kids.


Leslie Grisdale

Staffing Manager

Prior to organizing the creative chaos at David Stark Design, Leslie organized the creative chaos of various Broadway and Off-Broadway shows (and maybe an opera or two)!


Lesley McTague

Technical Designer

Ostensibly a serious graduate student of architecture, Lesley was ever eager for the birthday or celebratory occasion at school to laser-cut something silly then glitter it!


Lindsay Meck

Production Manager

An impassioned sophomore and activist, Lindsay rallied her local school board to reinstate its Latin program after the department was cut. Her success drew record enrollment and national attention as she was named "Cosmo's Girl of the Month" for her efforts.


Liz Holden

Vice President, Client Services, Strategy, and Operations

In 2007, while on her honeymoon, Liz scored an impressive upset at the Southeast Alaska State Fair by taking second place in the women's axe-throwing competition.


Lucy Russo

Associate Project Manager

Growing up, Lucy watched in awe as her grandmother, a seamstress, hand-created beautiful dresses. Together they upgraded Lucy's Barbie doll collection by hand-sewing and embellishing their clothing!


Madison Brown

Project Coordinator


Marco Mendez

Production Assistant

So much more than your average PA, Marco can fix literally anything, from a client's car to a leaking building and EVERYTHING in between!


Mary Kate Kelly


Mary Kate once hitch-hiked to a Beach Boys concert.


Maryelys Martinez


When not crunching numbers at the office, Maryelys and her family are at the little league baseball field all year round.


Michelle Rollery

Project Manager

As a child, Michelle once waited hours just to wave to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Though her Olsen twin obsession has come and gone, she can still appreciate a "full house" when it comes to amazing events!


Michael Kuhn

Director of Production Services

Events have always been in Michael’s blood.  As a child, he decorated his bedroom for every holiday, even St. Patrick’s Day (with lots of green shamrocks)!


Natividad Gutierrez

Studio Supervisor

A jack of all trades, Naty often functions as the office nurse having been formally trained in Mexico.


Nicholas Kennedy



Olivia Kane

Graphic Design Coordinator

Olivia's favorite hideout in NYC is the visible storage gallery at The Met. A little spooky, but not a tourist in sight!


Ralph Perfetto

Associate Technical Designer

Ralph’s pride and joy craft project was an LED-wired Iron Man gauntlet. It was “invincible” enough to survive a college Halloween party - but couldn’t handle Ralph waving goodbye to a friend.


Samantha Ahmed

Technical Designer


Sarah Bacharach

Associate Designer, Floral & Styling

Sarah comes to event design from a background in performing arts where she developed, among other things, a spot-on Britney Spears impression.


Sarose Klein

Project Coordinator

For Sarose, everyone has always been a potential friend. At age 3, she snuck out while her parents unpacked their new home and was found knocking on doors asking neighbors to play. She is still close with those neighbors today!


Scott Sanders

Technical Director

Scott's childhood dream was to become an astronaut until he surpassed the maximum height restriction at age 13.


Stephanie Johnson

Project Coordinator


Susie Montagna

Floral & Creative Styling Director

A creative mastermind down to every detail, Susie is known for styling stunning vignettes, capturing the most exquisite photographs, and creating the most beautiful salads at the lunch table.


Tom Houston

Technical Designer

Tom once had to collect chunks of mud and straw which fell off an Anselm Kiefer painting that he helped install. The Artist's Assistant assured him, "Oh, this happens all the time."