Meet Our Team

David Stark
Chief Creative Officer
Fun Fact: My best ideas come to me while shaving! Sometimes I need to step out of the shower to write them down mid-shave.
Alyson Walder
Studio Production Director
Fun Fact: The innovator I most admire is Gloria Steinem for bringing women's equality into the mainstream and forever being super stylish!
Andree Gonzalez-Fella
Associate Designer, Floral & Styling
Andy Outis
Design Director
Arielle Guitar
Event Coordinator
Fun Fact: As a child, I had big dreams of somehow becoming Sandy at the end of Grease (I’m talking leather jacket Sandy, not cardigan Sandy)
Asabea Ayres
Design Coordinator
Fun Fact: My secret talent is the limbo! The lowest I’ve gotten is 12 inches.
Audrey Dalton
Senior Designer, Floral & Styling
Fun Fact: I'm gaga for Hermes' line, Petit H. for which they make one of a kind goods out of scraps from their workrooms!
Avery Feldman
Associate Producer
Fun Fact: The pinnacle of my creativity was when I re-created “This is What Dreams Are Made of” from the Lizzie McGuire movie as a music video as well as for an entrance at my Bat Mitzvah. It’s still on youtube...15 years later...
Brianna Albanese
Event Coordinator
Fun Fact: My favorite thing about working in events is your work comes to life before your eyes for every project. It's a unique line of work, and I'm lucky to be a part of it!
Caitlin Quinn
Studio Production Manager
Fun Fact: As a child I dreamed of becoming a Broadway star – full on musical glitz and glam with big dance numbers and sparkles. Next life…
Camille Watson
Associate Producer
Fun Fact: My dream collaborator is Beyonce.
Cara Pruyn
Assoc. Business Development Manager
Fun Fact: Growing up, I wanted to be a Broadway actress. I did that, so now I’ve moved on to storytelling from behind the scenes. Although the chance to work with Steven Hoggett could pull me out of retirement and back into the spotlight!
Christine Cutone
Head of People and Culture
Fun Fact: When I was younger I wanted to be a restaurant critic, but I couldn't be completely honest in my reviews because I was worried I might be putting a hardworking restauranteur out of business.
Christopher Clark
Executive Assistant
Fun Fact: I try to be creative in anything I do but I would say I'm at my most creative when I’m cooking with my wife. I’m full of ideas and she has the skills!
Corrie Hogg
Art and Craft Director
Fun Fact: I am most creative right after I have had new experiences. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something in the arts… traveling, trying a new restaurant, meeting new people, they all spark new inspiration and motivation!
Dan Kopp
Studio Shop Manager
Fun Fact: My dream collaborator is Isaac Newton - he’d bring a different skill set!
Daria Semenova
Fun Fact: As a child I dreamed of becoming a mermaid.
David Ocasio
Head of Finance and Administration
Fun Fact: As I kid I collected comics…and as an adult I got to work for Spider-Man. Perseverance pays off!
Eileen O’Leary
Senior Creative Producer
Fun Fact: Onsite, I couldn't live without the full team. It makes what we do fun and exciting, making it possible to dream bigger and push farther. One person can't do it alone, teamwork makes the process more successful and more joyous.
Ellie Engstrom
Technical Design Coordinator
Fun Fact: Innately intuitive, constantly curious, and theatrical through and through, I've always been interested in figuring out how things work and can make just about anything out of anything.
Emily Edelman
Senior Designer
Fun Fact: In 7th grade math class I trained my toes to be able to move individually.
Emily Schroder
People, Culture and Operations Manager
Fun Fact: As a child, I dreamed of becoming a dancer/carnival owner. I figured they could work really well together.
Erin Park
Special Projects Coordinator
Fun Fact: My childhood ambition was to be an animator by day, Batgirl by night.
Esteban Salgado
Graphic Designer
Fun Fact: I do paper collage and generative art in my free time. I love to combine hand made art with technology.
Felicity Sparrow
Training Consultant
Jess Brett
Graphic Designer
Fun Fact: The visionary I'd most love to collaborate with is David Lynch. He's a weirdo genius that breaks the boundaries of creative storytelling.
Jessica McCarthy
Head of Creative Services
Fun Fact: It's no surprise I enjoy using my imagination, so I almost always prefer a book to the movie. We're in the business of painting pictures where before nothing existed!
Kaitlyn Smith
Event Coordinator
Fun Fact: I'm an avid basketball player, having played in college, and although I'm right handed, I play much better with my left hand and am significantly more athletic from that side.
Kristen Henriksen
Senior Designer
Fun Fact: My dream collaboration is with Walt Disney and Frederick Law Olmsted on a project TOGETHER. They were both visionary in creating environments that quickly transport and immerse people into romanticized worlds.
Lee Kociski
Head of Account Services
Lee Muse
Event Coordinator
Fun Fact: My secret talent is I'm a really fantastic cook. I actually wanted to go to culinary school instead of college...
Lesley McTague
Senior Technical Designer
Fun Fact: I love the intimacy, the quiet, the interior spaciousness that comes when you are holding a book, absorbed in the language of its expression, the richness and depth of thought.
Leslie Grisdale
Staffing and Logistics Manager
Fun Fact: I most admire my mom! She was one of the first/early female stock brokers in San Francisco in the 70s.
Lucy Russo
Creative Producer
Fun Fact: If I could collaborate with any visionary, it would definitely be Carrie Bradshaw! Wait, do fictional characters count??
Luke Shryock
Associate Technical Designer
Fun Fact: From the time I was a kid, I've always wanted to make stuff, and I haven't stopped yet.
Mary Kate Kelly
Fun Fact: I would love to collaborate with Es Devlin. I always look to her for inspiration and would love to learn how she thinks.
Marco Mendez
Fabrication & Production Specialist
Fun Fact: I can bake any kind of cake!
Maryelys Martinez
Finance and Administration Manager
Fun Fact: When I was young I wanted to be a flight attendant, but now I absolutely hate flying!
Matt Glove
Creative Producer
Fun Fact: My favorite part of working in the events industry is the melding of art and math, my two favorite subjects in school. Designing then fabricating, concepting then budgeting; creativity + math, boom!
Michael Greenberg
Studio Production Coordinator
Fun Fact: I'm a mediocre juggler and can do the wave with my eyebrows.
Michael Kuhn
Director of Production Services
Fun Fact: I'm most creative in the early morning on vacation. I'm a morning person... and a vacation person...
Michelle Rollery
Event Producer
Fun Fact: I'm a really great gift wrapper, and am obsessed with finding unique and fun wrapping paper and accessories. Presentation is everything!
Natalia Miller
Associate Event Producer
Natividad Gutierrez
Studio Supervisor
Fun Fact: My secret talent is dancing Mexican Folklore. I've never taken classes, but the choreography comes from my heart and soul.
Nicholas Kennedy
Fun Fact: I've always been a fan of attaining the impossible; in my first letter to Santa I asked for a 10 legged dog.
Pat Ruiz
Fun Fact: I'm most creative when I'm surrounded by music; anything from salsa to R&B, hip hop to Latin jazz.
Ralph Perfetto
Associate Technical Designer
Fun Fact: I most admire Richard Browning, who recently invented the first real flying jet suit. I'm hoping it pans out so I never have to take the subway to work again.
Scott Sanders
Technical Director
Fun Fact: My childhood dream was to become an astronaut until I surpassed the maximum height restriction at age 13.
Soomin Lee
Associate Designer
Fun Fact: My secret talent? I can predict if it's going to rain tomorrow! I'm quite accurate.
Sophie Bennett
Event Coordinator
Fun Fact: My favorite part of events is the high you get once everything is up and running smoothly. I look around and seeing everyone having a great time, making memories, I think, WOW, we helped create this experience!
Stephanie Johnson
Associate Producer
Fun Fact: I'm a total movie person, I'm too impatient to get through the book and don't have the time to read a book in a single sitting. I even use the preview feature on Netflix to fast forward when watching a show.
Susie Montagna
Floral & Creative Styling Director
Fun Fact: I am equally awed and delighted by a co-worker's elegant, resourceful, and efficient solution to a tough problem as I am by a big, fat, June peony in bloom.
Tom Houston
Senior Technical Designer
Fun Fact: In my spare time I build stilts for my son - he's now over 9 feet tall!
Zoo Somaini
Graphic Design Coordinator
Fun Fact: I love working in the event industry because these celebrations are markings of time, passage, and transformation, and I'm honored to be a part of making these moments enchanting and meaningful.