The Jewish Museum

Virtual Purim Ball

The Jewish Museum’s annual Purim Ball has become one of the art world’s buzziest fundraising events over the last seven years, drawing nearly a thousand attendees to a night of experiential merriment and museum engagement. It was one of the last in-person events we had designed and produced before the pandemic, and we were determined to bring the same energy, creative thinking, and personality to a virtual gala.

Instead of the ZOOM-like programs that have become commonplace during the pandemic, we produced a narrative, musical fantasy, shot within the interior spaces of the museum. Asking the poetic question, “Where’s the Party?,” the program featured eloquent, inspiring words by the institution’s Director and Chairman of the Board as well as the gala’s honorees, all framed within star turns by Joel Grey, Robbie Fairchild, Karine Plantadit, Freestyle Love Supreme, and a company of extraordinary dancers who established the narrative as an ensemble.

From conception to premier, and from platform design to guest experience management, we elevated this virtual endeavor to the quality and sophistication of our IRL events, ultimately leaving guests with the poignant realization: The party is wherever we make it.