The Parker Hotel, Palm Springs

For the destination wedding of a prominent NYC fashion influencer, we invited guests to the grounds of the iconic Parker Hotel in Palm Springs, California for a weekend long celebration that embraced the aesthetic of a modern city couple with old souls of a very glamorous past.

From ceremony to after-party, the devil was most certainly in the details as we transformed three on-campus resort spaces into three distinctly unique experiences — with each stop more magnificent than the one prior. First, a simple ceremony set amongst the sun-kissed desert mountain ranges to accommodate the bride’s desire for a timeless, yet breathtaking exchanging of vows. Next, the malachite and gold mecca of a Tony Duquette-inspired dinner tent finished with custom built architecture and bright pops of color! Finally, an After Party  that beckoned a twist on an old Hollywood discotheque — which was equal parts vintage and hipster chic.

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